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3 Reasons We Can’t Stop Talking About Work-Relay

We admit it - we’re business process snobs. But with a fast-paced, client-focused organization running out of six global offices (and counting!), who can blame us? Many of our clients have finally found a workflow automation and business process management tool that pairs perfectly with their needs - and we have a feeling you’ll love it as much as they [...]

Here’s Why Salesforce Certifications Matter

Bringing on a team full of solution architects, implementation specialists, developers and process managers to optimize your CRM system is neither an easy nor an inexpensive decision for your business to make. Regardless of what critical needs your consulting experts identify, you should be confident in their credibility with your chosen platform. Here are 4 key reasons why Salesforce certifications [...]

9 Steps to a Healthy Salesforce Org

Your CRM system has the potential to completely transform your company’s sales and marketing efforts. But with so many moving parts before, during and after implementation, it’s easy to end up with a solution that only bridges some of your operational gaps. If you’re willing to make the investment in Salesforce, we want to see you get the return that’s possible [...]

Tips & Tricks: International Expansion the Canpango Way

Thinking about taking your startup global? We’ve expanded internationally from Milwaukee, WI to London, and most recently to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In order to eliminate global growing pains like unscalable employee management practices, financial stability and lack of leadership presence, we’ve pulled together some key guidelines that have helped us along the way.   1 |  Prerequisite Research  There [...]

3 Things to Look for in an Implementation Partner

“Companies need a consultant after purchasing Salesforce because Salesforce is only as good as the processes driving it. If you implement a bad process into Salesforce, you are only automating that bad process and not addressing the core need(s) of the business.” -Eric Stolzmann, Senior Consultant and Process Manager at Canpango.   So you’ve purchased Salesforce, and you’re wondering what’s [...]