6 Ways a BPM Positively Impacts Multiple Departments at An Organization

By Lauren Keepers

It’s no secret that when a company makes plans to introduce new business processes — especially business processes powered by technology — employee buy-in is the most critical component to achieving optimal levels of user adoption. An effective business process management platform (BPM) is typically bought in tandem with or post-CRM purchase in order to ensure an additional layer of speed, agility and efficiency in the automation, management and execution of internal workflows and projects. Even when a highly tailored CRM is in place, without a proper BPM solution a company runs the risk of resource waste due to manual entry, human error, bottlenecks, counterproductive output processes, inefficient execution of repetitive tasks, slower time-to-market and reactive decision-making.

Let’s take a look at how a BPM benefits an organization and which roles it impacts across departments.

#1 | Improved efficiencies

  • Streamlined, automated workflows managed in a centralized ‘source of truth’
  • Speedier hand-offs – no lag time when passing the baton to different task throughout a project
  • Reduced repetitive tasks, duplicative work and manual entry
  • Roles Impacted: Process Owner, Project Manager

#2 | Increased visibility

  • Greater insight into cross-department business processes
  • Enhanced transparency with status of tasks and project
  • Improved insight into problem areas and bottlenecks
  • Roles Impacted: CIO, Process Owner, Project Manager, Business Users

#3 | Enhanced collaboration

  • Helps surface cross-departmental project dependencies
  • Allows users to communicate within the platform and assign tasks to users effectively
  • Outlines and enforces task prioritization for team members
  • Roles Impacted: Process Owner, Project Manager, Business Analyst

#4 | Ensured compliance & security

  • Ensures quality assurance guidelines are incorporated and followed
  • Ensures adherence to project approval guidelines and requirements by tracking approvals from key stakeholders, including Legal and Compliance teams
  • Roles Impacted: CIO, CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO, General Counsel, System Administrator

#5 | Improved agility

  • Faster and more educated decision-making
  • Increased ability to adapt processes as business objectives and priorities change
  • Rapid transference of knowledge between team members
  • Roles Impacted: CIO, Process Owner, Project Owner, Business Analyst

#6 | Ability to optimize operations

  • Ability to pinpoint problem areas and improve processes as a result
  • Enhanced ability to identify bottlenecks and resource constraints and implement effective process changes to problem solve
  • Increased capacity to allocate resources more effectively
  • Roles Impacted: CIO, CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO, Process Owner, Project Owner

Work-Relay as a BPM Solution

Work-Relay is a BPM tool that’s 100% native to Salesforce, which means it’s built on force.com and lives within the Salesforce platform. Work-Relay helps increase efficiency and collaboration with a unique combination of process, project, task and resource management capabilities. This robust unified toolset pairs flexible and trackable visual workflows with powerful built-in reporting, delivering the transparency needed to continually refine and optimize operations.

If Salesforce sets the bar for cloud-based solutions that allow businesses to centralize customer data and streamline workflows for sales reps, marketers and support personnel, Work-Relay leads the charge in providing a platform that helps businesses navigate and manage even the most complex project, program and process workflows. In addition, Work-Relay has the ability to affect nearly every department at an organization by improving visibility, collaboration and productivity.  

Want to learn more about business process management, or explore Work-Relay in more detail? Contact one of our expert consultants today to schedule a quick call.

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