Product Success Stories: Salesforce CPQ

By Caitlin Perry

One of the many things that makes Salesforce so awesome is its ability to adapt to an endless range of industry applications and sales strategies. For industries where pricing and product configuration varies wildly from one sale to the next, you need a CRM that doesn’t just monitor and forecast sales. You need a CRM that can simplify the sales process altogether. That’s where Salesforce CPQ comes in.

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About Salesforce® CPQ

Salesforce CPQ takes the Sales Cloud experience to the next level by providing businesses that have highly malleable product offerings with a seamless quote-to-cash selling experience.

From manufacturing to insurance, CPQ doesn’t just help your business engineer the most competitive solution for your clients. It also helps you generate and deliver proposals faster than your competition. When timeliness can be even more important than priciness, you can count on Salesforce CPQ for:

  • Intelligent pricing navigation
  • Streamlined discount approval processes
  • Sales & billing alignment
  • Product compatibility validation
  • Much more!

Since Sales Cloud may only take businesses with these distinct sales models so far, we are quick to recommend Salesforce CPQ to our clients whenever it can bolster their Salesforce objectives. You can read about some of our recent Salesforce CPQ projects below.


USE CASE: Custom Quoting Application
INDUSTRY: Insurance
CLIENT: Leading Travel Insurance Provider

When the client came to Canpango seeking a quoting solution for their travel insurance vertical, they weren’t just seeking a solution that ensured accuracy; they also sought exceptional user experience for their service representatives.

This custom CPQ application needed to accurately and efficiently capture customer responses. Behind the scenes, our experts also needed to configure Salesforce CPQ to automate the quote creation, bundle selection, options selection, and price calculation for each line item added–all driven by the many variables captured in the questionnaire. The generated quote also needed to operate within the confines of the business’s strict underwriting and approval framework.

To accomplish this, our experts created a Lightning Component Wizard to deliver an excellent data gathering experience. These inputs were then fed into a custom Opportunity object that contained fields for each questionnaire input. The team also created a custom button that fired an Apex class, which contained all necessary logic to generate the quote. A custom Javascript calculator executed the premium and price calculations. Lookup tables helped set values on each line item record for tier-based pricing as well.

To cap things off, our experts created a time-based workflow to activate the contract and select a “Renewal Quoted” checkbox, which functions as a trigger for CPQ to create “Renewal Opportunity” and “Renewal Quote” records.


USE CASE: Advanced CPQ Configuration
INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

Mindray’s quoting configuration required a system that could generate quotes with more than 1,000 line items. They also needed the ability to configure product bundles by department and with more than 400 product options per bundle. These needs immediately came up against some out-of-the-box limitations within Salesforce CPQ. For example, CPQ performance reduces at 500 lines per quote. The company’s large number of options per bundle also increased the chance of misconfiguration or price miscalculation. Even circumnavigating this with CPQ automation would hinder the platform’s broader performance.

To allow CPQ to handle a thousand lines on a quote, the Canpango delivery team enabled the “Allow Large Quote” feature under the CPQ installed package settings. Our experts then used CSV files along with the Salesforce Data Loader to prepare and create the bundles. To solve for the departmental requirement, the team used the Groups functionality and created solution groups to have pre-named Group records.

Lastly, the team created a chain of approval processes with an auto-approval process at the very end of the chain. Our experts also decided to handle all the approval logic at the quote level and flagged the quote when this one required approval. This made it easy to set a few criteria values at the quote as opposed to running the approval logic on the approval process.


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