5 Essential Salesforce Integrations for Every Org

By Lindsay Pascoe

Salesforce has been a leader in the technology sector for 21 years. Think about it. That means the CRM giant has been around for two-thirds of a large portion of their employee’s lives. 

In its reign of the CRM space, Salesforce has acquired a whopping 63 companies to extend robust customer-centric solutions for sales, marketing, customer service, analytics, data and quality assurance teams across the globe. As a Gartner Quadrant leader, Salesforce is able to groom extreme growth due to their multifaceted product offering. Competitors like Oracle and Hubspot are probably thinking, what can’t this company do? 

And that’s where potential Salesforce buyers and existing customers need a little bit of third-party advice (pun intended) regarding which of their  business challenges will require integrations with external products in order to meet their operational needs. 

Here are some tools that have pre-built integrations with Salesforce that we recommend streamlining within your Salesforce environment:


The days of mailing contracts with handwritten signatures or scanning handwritten signatures are long gone. eSignature tools like DocuSign help decision-makers seamlessly sign and send legal documents, contracts and other invoices with the click of a button.

We recently integrated DocuSign with a Sales Cloud and Service Cloud instance. Ask us about it.

Conga Composer

This is another digital document tool, but its niche is enabling businesses to issue digital documents to customers. It’s most commonly used to automate the sending of renewal proposals, training guides, contracts and invoices. Additionally, Conga can help create company-branded materials fast while storing all data collection in your Salesforce org.

Pro Tip: Integrate Conga with Field Service Lighting to make workforce mobilization easier for field technicians and agents


For immediate efficiency returns, use this built-in CTI tool to use click-to-dial functionality located directly at the account level of your Salesforce org to call or pre-record voicemails and “drop them” into your customer’s voice mailbox. Not only will those phone exchanges be logged automatically within your instance, they’ll also be easy to monitor, report on and optimize down the road.

Pro Tip: Integrate Natterbox with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud or High Velocity Sales to transform your telephony experience, accelerate productivity and sharpen data accuracy.


Invoicing and accounting in the Salesforce world can be tricky business if the right type of integration isn’t in place. Account, Contact and Opportunity-related data can get lost easily in translation. That’s why a lot of companies strive to ensure their cloud-compatible invoicing system can  auto-populate all relevant information into Salesforce more quickly.


Salesforce dominates when it comes to tracking leads from the top of the sales funnel all the way through the purchase phase and beyond. But how do you generate qualified leads fast? To quickly connect with an increased number of customers or partners, you need access to legal email or phone lists. Zoominfo, powered by DiscoverOrg, has compiled millions of data records that include company information, contact information, backend technology stack and so on. By connecting this tool with Salesforce, the amount of people you can reach becomes endless.

While each of the above products has their own individual competitors, these are top-performing tools in their respective industries. All tools can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange and require minimal effort to set up if you have integration experience or simple out-of-the-box needs, but if you need a helping hand, contact our experts.



Lindsay Pascoe is an Account Executive at Canpango. Having worked in a sales capacity for Salesforce itself, Lindsay leverages her vast understanding of the CRM along with her seasoned set of relationship-building skills to help clients across a span of industries identify Salesforce solutions that meet their unique business needs.

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