How a Healthy Salesforce Environment Promotes Good Culture

By Lauren Keepers

“At the heart of any organization with good company culture lies two main characteristics: strong communication and organizational transparency. Salesforce fosters both of these attributes by connecting the vital functions of sales, marketing and service to their in-house counterparts and customer-facing properties. Any given Salesforce org can be configured to run with highly tailored automations in place, which generates company-wide process consistencies.”

-Dennis Casey, VP of Operations at Canpango


Prior to a signed statement of work, you’ll typically hear consulting experts share with their clients the two primary benefits expected to result from their Salesforce digital transformation services: increased profitability and streamlined business processes. Both project outcomes are valuable and sought after by virtually every business in existence. The Salesforce benefit that isn’t always made as familiar to customers is what lies beneath the latter – smooth operational workflows breed great company culture within cross-departmental collaborations, as well as individual teams.

Alongside strong communication and organizational transparency is data flow, another perk of a solid Salesforce org that well-run organizations thrive off of. PSA: All three components are not mutually exclusive. They’re dependent on each other in order for a company to win big. Without data, there is no single source of truth and a higher risk for informational inaccuracies. Likewise, without communication and transparency, there is a deficiency in work culture.

Here’s a departmental breakdown of how good culture transpires when a healthy Salesforce org is in place:



  • Greater efficiencies from enhanced inter-team communication.
  • Increased visibility into sales pipeline.
  • More comprehensive prospect profile building.
  • Enhanced Opportunity management.


  • Increased responsiveness lessens customer pain points.
  • Able to more effectively meet customer needs through greater amount of profile data.
  • Configuring phone lines to link with Salesforce via Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to better track each prospect’s phone interactions with your brand.


  • Focused attention to customer acquisition and retention through tailored campaign personalization.
  • More time in the day to devote to strategic planning.
  • Strengthened customer profile metrics.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) management.
  • Social media integration results in increased engagement monitoring.


Why is good company culture important? It constructs a blueprint for long-term benefits, like employee acquisition and retention, productivity and brand reputation. Who knew that Salesforce did more than jumpstarting sales growth? 

Take your organization’s day-to-day operations by the reigns and build your own workplace haven. Contact one of Canpango’s experts today if you’re hungry to make your ideal work environment a reality.

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