Resource | How to Sense a Salesforce Opportunity

By Jerad Tonn

About our Intelisys Partner resources: At Canpango, we love to share Salesforce knowledge with the technology experts at our sister company, Intelisys. If you aren’t an Intelisys partner, this resource may not have what you’re looking for, but we’re sure you’ll find something helpful in our other recent blog posts.

As a trusted Intelisys Partner, the services you provide your customers are more than simple transactions. You aren’t just offering a product; you’re offering expertise. And one of the best things about Canpango’s Salesforce services is how easily they can be leveraged to support the other sales opportunities you’re already actively exploring.

Our comprehensive Salesforce services can be the perfect toolkit when attempting to land and expand within an account. From contact center integrations to marketing and sales automation, Canpango’s team of experts are equipped to help your customers overcome their biggest digital transformation challenges.

But how do you know when to bring us in? The easiest way to answer that is by having you ask the right discovery questions. Explore those talk tracks in the link below.

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