Resource | Connecting the Dots With Five9 & Canpango

By Jerad Tonn

About our Intelisys Partner resources: At Canpango, we love to share Salesforce knowledge with the technology experts at our sister company, Intelisys. If you aren’t an Intelisys partner, this resource may not have what you’re looking for, but we’re sure you’ll find something helpful in our other recent blog posts.

Don’t depreciate, integrate— that’s the advice we offer our contact center clients. Enhancing an existing contact center tech stack has to occur on a continuum, and at any given point, most process-oriented operations are likely exploring the addition of a few technologies and the removal of a few others. 

But companies cannot select SaaS solutions in a vacuum either. In order to ensure past and future data is being harnessed accurately across service, sales and marketing teams, Canpango and Five9 both believe that advising on one piece of technology requires an understanding of its broader ecosystem.

Follow the link to learn how Canpango and Five9 can help you connect the dots for your contact center clients.

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