Product Success Stories: Pardot

By Caitlin Perry

One of the main reasons that Salesforce can serve as a 360-degree business solution is its ability to simultaneously cater to sales and marketing professionals. While plenty of marketing automation applications allow digital marketers to create fully integrated, end-to-end campaigns across email, social and web channels, scientifically measuring the business impact of these multichannel engagements can still be a challenge. That’s where Pardot comes in.

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About Pardot

Pardot takes marketing operations to the next level by providing businesses the ability to track and attribute the effectiveness of their communications, gain deeper insight into customer behavior and tailor content to meet the demands of their target market based on a subset of criteria. Pardot’s capabilities can be configured to serve virtually any industry. Common use cases include:

  • Managing lead generation pipeline and qualification
  • Delivering dynamic content based on buyer interests
  • Measuring return on marketing investments
  • Managing landing page, email and webform assets

Since intelligent marketing practices make for speedier sales cycles, we are quick to recommend Pardot to our clients whenever it can bolster their Salesforce objectives. You can read about some of our recent Pardot-related projects below.


USE CASE: Scalable Marketing Operations
INDUSTRY: Technology

Growth-driven marketing departments rely on productive processes to stay lean and agile while continuing to deliver effective campaigns that bolster the organization’s bottom line. Oftentimes, this practice is focused on automating email program logic to segment customer outreach data into targetable lists.

When ThoughtSpot came to Canpango with the goal of migrating their marketing automation practices from Marketo, our delivery team suggested Pardot as its replacement to decrease time spent creating complex logic required for building highly targetable email lists. This change would also simplify marketing workflows in a way would all them to sale more quickly and efficiently for the field marketing team.


USE CASE: Bidirectional Data Exchange
INDUSTRY: Media Technology

BrightTALK came to Canpango with a business challenge that remains surprisingly commonplace today—ensuring marketing automation data and CRM data are exchanged bidirectionally. After integrating Marketo with Salesforce, BrightTALK marketers still struggled to pass the accurate customer data collected from campaigns back to Salesforce for sales reps to see and vice versa. This malfunction caused a major data discrepancy and resulted in an inability to deliver relevant communications.

To allow for a more synchronized two-way prospect and opportunity data exchange, the Canpango delivery team migrated BrightTALK’s Marketo data to Pardot and enabled a Salesforce connector application. The team also implemented Wave Analytics within Pardot in order to precisely leverage actionable B2B insights from their customers. This further strengthened the sync performance and business impact.


USE CASE: Lead Generation Strategy
INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

Many small marketing teams often struggle with implementing marketing automation software if they have limited experience with the product. Oftentimes, they rely on blog articles and other educational tools to self-educate. The downside of this plan? It’s not only time consuming but also vulnerable to misinformation. Resco’s one-man marketing team needed more manpower to develop and execute a Pardot strategy that integrated with its website forms in order to eliminate redundant (or zero) lead outreach.

By partnering with Canpango, Resco was able to design a tailored Pardot solution with a controlled lead scoring model to allow sales reps to receive real-time notifications upon form submissions. The sum of this work introduced a lucrative lead generation model to the business’s antiquated marketing processes and data storage infrastructure, which fostered a stronger marketing-sales communication cadence and sped up lead response times from sales reps.


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