3 Email Campaigns for B2B Marketing Automation Success

By Lauren Keepers

Selecting and implementing the right marketing automation solution is a huge win for your company and your marketing team. The sky’s the limit when you pair an eager group of expert communicators with a robust platform built for tailored outreach. But once your new tool is configured and ready to go, it’s time to face the music – those email nurturing campaigns don’t build and automate themselves!

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Here are three tried-and-true email campaign ideas to help kickstart your marketing automation efforts post-implementation.

The Welcome Drip

When new leads come your way, a brief welcome email campaign is a great way to introduce your brand, your mission and your solutions with minimal ongoing effort. Your welcome drip campaign can trigger off of website form submissions, dynamic lists that automatically pull in new sales leads from your CRM or whatever makes the most sense for your unique sales process. No matter how the leads are brought in, building a welcome drip campaign will bring added peace of mind to both sales and marketing, given that new leads are getting more than a simple autoresponder email.

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The Inbound Sales Drip

B2B sales processes can be long and grueling, which means qualifying leads upfront is crucial. Deploying an inbound sales outreach plan can help save your sales team valuable time by keeping their efforts focused on the right prospects, rather than chasing leads who may not be ready to commit. This 4-5 email campaign should run alongside your welcome drip campaign in order to introduce sales reps, score prospect interest levels and identify opportunities that are ready to move through the sales funnel.

The Account Management Drip

Between ongoing product and service enhancements, industry updates, helpful content and company news, you likely have plenty of information to share with your current and past customer base. As long as you don’t flood any inboxes, an ongoing, standardized account maintenance campaign can help keep your business top of mind while promoting potential upsell opportunities.

The right marketing automation solution can seriously boost your company’s ability to create, execute and track highly personalized campaigns and communications with ease. These three simple (but essential) email campaigns can get you started and help your marketing team familiarize themselves with their new tool.

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