Optimizing Your CRM for Business Process Management

By Lauren Keepers

Regardless of industry type, today’s customers consume in an environment that breeds two-way transparency and instantaneous customer feedback. In order to consistently deliver unparalleled customer experiences, it’s crucial to spot check the efficiency of your core processes and operations, especially if you’ve recently invested in a CRM. And as you may (or may not) know, investing in a CRM platform typically goes hand-in-hand with investing in an expert implementation partner to customize and design a solution that meets your evolving business needs. Nominating experts to analyze your operations while working together to set the appropriate digital transformation objectives will make a big difference in the processes you preserve along the way. Some process changes are more apparent than others, so we’ve pulled together a list of three unique business processes your CRM platform can support.

1 | Automating Current Workflows 

Who’s to say that 100% of your organization’s operations require revamping to reach your company’s goals? Surprisingly, the only process optimization that might be necessary through the support of an implementation partner is merely replicating, integrating and automating those same workflows within your CRM. For instance, one of our recent clients had a strong business model in place prior to their Salesforce launch. Without any major overhauls on the table, very little process re-engineering efforts were needed before their CRM transition in order to ensure maximum levels of efficiency and productivity.

2 | Re-Assigning Leads & Contacts 

Sometimes it’s hard to face the music, especially when that music represents employee turnover. But in the age of the startup, working for a multitude of organizations within one lifetime has become commonplace – and arguably sought after – by a lot of professionals.

With turnover in mind, successful organizations often proactively work to offset account-related risk by ensuring effective client relationship management throughout the course of an employee’s transition. For example, our recent client’s primary objective was to eliminate unclosed opportunities and prospect dissatisfaction that came from poor change management on behalf of employees transitioning out of their roles. Through a tailored CRM solution, the company was able to not only continue successfully managing the old employee’s pre-existing set of customers, but swiftly procure supervision over all newly generated leads without missing a beat. The icing on the cake with this solution design was their CRM’s ability to automate an email nurture program for a more progressive overall lead acquisition strategy.

So now the question becomes, “What type of automated process can be put in place to make employee turnover run more smoothly?” The key is to configure your CRM to automatically re-assign and delegate tasks to your appointed interim or newly hired sales associate or customer service representative.

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3 | Tracking Customer Behavior Trends & Reporting

CRM is at the very center of every client interaction. In order to create exceptional customer experiences, you need to capitalize on:

  • Frequent and refined customer touchpoints
  • Actionable customer data insights and integration opportunities

These two core customer experience verticals will flourish when a custom CRM solution is in place to capture detailed information about buyer behavior. With a full picture of unique customer profile, sales, marketing and customer service teams are able to better understand customer needs and preferences, enabling a more scalable, targeted marketing plan.

Understanding the business processes your CRM can support is critical to achieving your company’s short and long-term goals and success metrics. Want to learn more about your digital transformation options? Contact one of Canpango’s expert consultants today.

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