Industry Success Stories: Technology

By Caitlin Perry

While tech titans and humble startups alike possess the technical aptitude to design robust internal tech stacks for their clients, they still tend to grapple with practicing what they preach when it comes to allocating resources and time needed for scaling and long-term profitability. Without automated processes or leverageable customer data available, tech shops remain in limbo between startup and enterprise-level organization. That’s where Salesforce helps technologists win.

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About Salesforce Manufacturing Services

In an industry that prioritizes speed to market above all else, proper Salesforce configuration can sometimes feel like a corner worth cutting. Canpango is quick to cover this base with a range of Salesforce solutions, which include:

  • Integrating a CPQ or billing system with a CRM for easy click-and-collect invoicing.
  • Fostering self-sustaining portals for user adoption or exclusive partner reseller engagement.
  • Leveraging custom-built APIs to automate customer data flow across proprietary platforms.
  • Providing communication and resources around new software product or feature releases.
  • Developing revenue and volume forecasts.

Since Canpango’s mission is to deliver digital transformation excellence to our fellow tech business clients, we know first-hand about tech process pain-points and how to resolve them. You can read about some of our recent Salesforce technology projects below.

Tech Industry Experts, at your service

Even hardware and software development gurus can benefit from a helping hand sometimes.

USE CASE: Post-Acquisition Sales Process & Catalog Consolidation
VERTICAL: Medical Software

A healthcare software provider that specializes in Electronic Health Record (EHR) documentation and revenue cycle management recently acquired a complementary medical software company, and they were struggling to combine both teams’ operational strengths and selling tactics into a single practice and merge two ten year old Salesforce orgs in the process. This required the consolidation of a product price matrix and master sales process while still supporting three unique product line identities for Value Added Resellers (VARs) and direct sellers to take to market. This caused several problems for the software provider and its partners, including

  • Unrestricted access to a product catalog consisting of 2,000 to 5,000 products, many of which require certifications for VARs to sell.
  • A duplicate-heavy product catalog that resulted from an inefficient discounting process.
  • A high barrier to entry for new VARs.

When exploring potential solutions, the company originally intended to accomplish their goals by self-implementing an out-of-the-box Salesforce CPQ installation with minimal consultative support from Canpango. In further discovery sessions, our experts demonstrated why expanding the existing CPQ solution through a more involved engagement would accommodate additional product lines and guarantee the necessary product bundling automations to capitalize on the recent acquisition. 

In order to prioritize the channel VARs’ selling experience, Canpango created a custom product catalog component where VAR access levels were restricted within the partner Community based on product certification criteria. Canpango also staged Salesforce CPQ to incorporate a custom lookup table that could suggest product bundle options and promotions according to a brand’s unique discount constraints. In addition to this, Canpango enabled CPQ for Community licensing for VARs to be able to utilize a branded partner portal that mirrored all direct seller path-to-pricing. With more streamlined quote-to cash-processes, VARs are now empowered to source and sell its products with greater efficiency. The company can also attract additional resellers by offering an easy-to-use CPQ experience.


USE CASE: Streamlining the Registration Process
VERTICAL: Printing Equipment & Software
SALESFORCE PRODUCTS: Community Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

Because hardware cannot perform any critical tasks without software, operations teams typically struggle with managing the relationship between online software registration and in-store equipment maintenance. Oftentimes, tech companies will develop homegrown apps to sync software user profile information and registration data with backend CRM systems. The downside of this method? Unless grade-A development resources are supervising these efforts, the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) can be really poor.

Sawgrass had two fundamental problems. 

Problem #1: Customers who purchased new printers were struggling to register their unique printer serial numbers through the online Sawgrass customer portal if they didn’t already have an existing profile setup. 

Problem #2: Sawgrass’s online customer portal (housed on their website) was not integrated with Salesforce Community Cloud, yielding a disjointed, off-brand experience. This forced customers to complete profile registration via the web portal and printer registration through the home-grown app—all while simultaneously forcing employees to reconcile registration data between the customer portal and Salesforce customer records.

Sawgrass partnered with Canpango to deliver two solutions. 

Solution #1: First, Sawgrass partnered with Canpango to replace a homegrown desktop app with Salesforce Community Cloud that, upon printer registration, prompted customers to open a branded Community Cloud landing page that begins the printer registration process without having to use the Sawgrass website portal. To make the custom Community Cloud portal look and feel exactly like the website portal, Canpango used a series of HTML, CSS, Javascript code combined with Salesforce Lightning components, VisualForce elements and Apex code.

Solution #2: Second, Canpango implemented an SSO solution that allows users to seamlessly flow between the Salesforce Community Cloud portal when they register as a user and register their printer. An integration was built between Sawgrass’s website portal hosted through Kentico and the Community Cloud portal to ensure a two-way data exchange between the two. 


USE CASE: Migrating From Marketo to Pardot
VERTICAL: AI-Powered Analytics Search Software

One of the largest challenges in the technology industry is practicing the art and science of internal tech stack building and operational enablement. While most certified Salesforce consultants understand how to deliver the nitty-gritty mechanics of a tailored implementation solution, only a few know how to deduce and compute the industry-specific CRM demands technology companies depend on to outrival competitors.

This was the case for ThoughtSpot. The search software provider began recognizing limitations in their marketing automation platform, Marketo. This incumbent tool limited the ThoughtSpot marketing team’s ability to grow a tailored list building process. Marketo also contributed to disjointed field marketing workflows and provided limited third-party integrations. Because of this, ThoughtSpot chose Canpango to assist with a migration from Marketo to Pardot.

By partnering together, ThoughtSpot and Canpango designed a solution that successfully transitioned 100 percent of ThoughtSpot’s marketing operations and customer database into Pardot, which was achieved by: rebuilding previous standard email campaign flows, assisting in training and recreating all active landing page variations and form-fill assets, planning and documenting a change management strategy to increase field-marketing adoption and integrating third-party tools such as BrightTALK, GoToWebinar and Splash with Pardot. The summation of this work has resulted in:

  • Achieving an 8% increase in email deliverability rate.
  • Expanding marketing operations education to the global field marketing team, which set the stage for future department scalability.
  • Decreased time required to create complex logic for email lists.


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