The Dreamforce Checklist: 4 Preparation Must-Dos

By Lauren Keepers

As Dreamforce veterans, we know that paving the path for a successful conference experience can be difficult without knowing the ropes. Here are four Dreamforce preparation must-dos we’d like to share to help maximize your time at Salesforce’s most iconic and educational event:


1 | Pack intelligently.  

San Fran’s notorious fluctuating weather patterns will give you September averages that range between 55℉ and 70℉. To make sure you’re appropriately suited up for your whirlwind work days, pack layers, including a lightweight jacket or sweater and a long sleeve shirt (to pair with jeans, dress pants or a skirt). Your Fitbit steps are bound to skyrocket with the amount of walking you’ll be doing, so select your shoes wisely. And don’t fool yourself – every Dreamforce attendee leaves the event with a lot of swag. Do yourself a favor and pack lightly to ensure there’s room in your suitcase or backpack for all of your Dreamforce mementos.

Finally, leave your laptop at the hotel and bank on bringing a comfortable and wearable bag or backpack to carry all-day essentials, such as your iPad or tablet, a water bottle, an extra phone charger, business cards and snacks to hold you over. Naturally, you’ll meet people at Dreamforce, so make sure to dedicate wallet space or bring a sealable bag to hold and protect any business cards you collect.



2 | Get your team in the ROI groove before you leave.

Dreamforce isn’t free. For a lot of organizations, ensuring a respectable return on investment means establishing your primary goals for the event ahead of time. Determining your Dreamforce objectives will guide your attendance selection process and help drive the way you build out your team’s schedule while you’re there.

Networking is the biggest way you can get your dollar’s worth out of Dreamforce. Doors won’t open themselves, so be sure to proactively plan a calendar comprised of meetings with fellow attendees and key Salesforce reps weeks ahead of time. Not only is Dreamforce a professional B2B relationship breeding ground for companies and the CRM industry ruler, it’s the perfect place to create opportunities to learn from like-industry organizations and an ideal environment to foster connections with future clientele. Those sought-after prospects you’ve longed to build rapport with will always appreciate being treated to cocktails and apps, so take advantage of post-Dreamforce happy hours. Happy hours are like relationship workshops, and we find them to be pivotal educational moments for internal team members because that’s where the authentic, unfiltered conversation start to happen. However, there is an art to mixing business and booze, so make sure any employees who attend understand and exhibit appropriate behavior.


3 | Real-time flexibility is key.

The people-meeting opportunities at Dreamforce are endless. While it’s important to establish what business objectives your organization has for the event prior to arrival, it’s equally vital to attend Dreamforce with a go-with-the-flow mindset. We do not recommend treating your Dreamforce experience with an “island-time” mentality, but we do encourage you to help your team channel their inner “Type B” selves. Set the expectation prior to Dreamforce kick-off that in order to maximize your company’s opportunities, you’ll need to be open to having an adaptable schedule. Don’t be afraid to modify or tweak the sessions you attend or the people you choose to spend your time with, as long as it best serves your overall goals of being there in the first place. For instance, if a spot in a session that you really wanted to go to opens up, jump on it.


4 | Make it known that you’re attending Dreamforce.

In today’s fast-paced, transparent social media environment, if you didn’t take a picture, it wasn’t real. This idea is 100% true for any business who is trying to stand out against market competition and attract future prospects. In order to stay current with and dominate the conversation in your organization’s social sphere, your best bet is to nominate a Dreamforce social ambassador. This person will champion and assume the coordination of all photography, blogging and posting responsibilities, while taking charge of effectively documenting your team’s Dreamforce journey from start to finish. Prepping a general framework of digital marketing to-dos that covers your company’s presence at this exclusive event is a critical way to elevate your brand while also educating your online audience members on the benefits of Salesforce and the significance of your organization’s expertise.


Be mindful of your Dreamforce pre-event planning – you’ll hug yourself later for it. Contact one of Canpango’s experts to talk more about how to appropriately plan your Dreamforce adventure today. Trailblazing doesn’t set the industry on fire by itself.

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