Work-Relay Launches New Features and Richer Functionality as Part of 2.0 Product Release

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Enhancements provide better UX, expand business process management capabilities and reduce reliance on software coding.


Chicago, April 30, 2019Work-Relay today announces major enhancements to the business process management platform as part of the 2.0 Product Release. The new feature sets improve user-experience within the platform and expand critical process, project, task and resource management capabilities.

“The investments we’re making in Work-Relay are a direct response to customer needs and market demand for fully configurable, flexible and scalable work management platforms that support agile implementation and execution of complex business processes and workflows,” says Work-Relay Founder and CEO, Jon Sapir. “As the demand for sophisticated and integrated technology stacks increases, so too do the expectations for stakeholders to rationalize costs and prove return on tech investments. The new 2.0 features and functionality not only improve Worker Experience and Customer Experience, they significantly expand customers’ capabilities within their existing Salesforce platforms — maximizing the return on current  tech investments.”

Summary of Work-Relay 2.0 Enhancements

“The new feature sets, and project management and process management functionalities in Work-Relay 2.0 are pretty amazing,” says VP of Product Services at Work-Relay, Ted Evangelakis. “Our goal was to create an experience so intuitive for users that they were excited about revising and optimizing the way they manage, track and execute processes, projects and tasks. We created time-saving, efficiency-gaining features that significantly  expand an organization’s work management capabilities, while drastically reducing the reliance on developers to create custom code.”

The latest round of enhancements include the following:

    • Process Management: New Process Simulator simplifies the testing process by allowing customers to simulate a new process prior to implementing. Process Builder extensions simplify and streamline process design and make exception handling painless. New Progress and Planning Dashboards provide real-time visualization of process status and allow users to manage project resources effectively.
    • Dynamic Form Designer: New point-and-click features support easy form creation and form changes, with no developers or coding required. Automated functionality triggers actions based on data inputs rather than human action, and dynamically updates field values and lists based on changes made in real time.
    • Multi-system Orchestration: Sophisticated architecture allows for seamless integration of all external systems into a single process — connecting all customer systems to create one end-to-end solution. Customers can access all data, across all systems anytime, anywhere, in a single solution.
    • Project Management: New Advanced Gantt charts significantly reduce time spent updating and maintaining project schedules, and user-friendly planning dashboard increases visibility into resource assignment, availability and constraints.
    • Workbots: Expanded point-and-click functionality enables complex logic and supports automated execution of actions and tasks — significantly reducing the need for code and development resources.

Work-Relay customers have immediate access to the new 2.0 features and functionality.

To find out more about Work-Relay, to request a product demonstration or to receive the complete Work-Relay 2.0 release notes, visit


About Work-Relay
Work-Relay is a product of SilverTree Systems, Inc., a global software development company and a Salesforce partner since 2008. Work-Relay is an enterprise-level Business Process Management System 100% native to Salesforce. Customers include a variety of companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 organizations in many industries, including media, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing, distribution.

Work-Relay was created by a group of seasoned business and IT professionals looking for a better way to plan, execute, manage and analyze work as it flows across the organization. The product is fully configurable and radically redefines business process management by making even complex processes easily accessible to everyone in the organization, and by using processes to drive both projects and mobile applications.

The Work-Relay team has spent thousands of hours developing custom Salesforce applications for clients with the goal of increasing the speed at which an organization can meet its business objectives. The team has taken the knowledge gained from writing these applications, and created a comprehensive framework that allows organizations to quickly build and adapt work management solutions without writing code.


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