Business Consulting Services

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Salesforce Expertise & Consulting Services for Organizational Evolution.

With years of experience transforming global companies big and small, we know a thing or two about helping you take your business to the next level. Whether you need a complete Salesforce or CRM overhaul, a new marketing automation system or a second set of eyes on your disjointed business processes, our team of expert consultants will work with you to understand your unique business needs and tailor a plan that meets your timelines and your budget.


Our Specialties

  • Salesforce Services

    Transform your sales processes and boost revenue with a Salesforce org designed by certified, results-driven experts.

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  • Marketing Services

    Create quality brand interactions with marketing automation and digital marketing expertise focused on data-oriented measurement and decision making.

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  • Social Media Services

    Kick your social media automation efforts up a notch through best-in-class publishing and analytics platforms and integrated CRM tools.

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  • Business Process Engineering

    Redesign your key operations to minimize costly errors or disjointed processes and maximize productivity.

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  • Data Security & Infrastructure

    Work with our tech and architecture gurus to identify and evaluate areas of risk and keep critical data secure.

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  • Solution Design

    Tailor your out-of-the-box solutions to fit your exact business needs through integrations and custom development options.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“The professionalism and organizational skills within the Canpango team are amazing. I enjoy working with people that follow through with the work they’ve acknowledged needs to be done in between our meetings. It has made our consulting experience with them a very positive one.”

Our Approach

Every company is different. Every project is different. But our proven consulting approach provides a stable framework for digging into each client’s exact needs and goals to build a solution focused on long-term results.

  • 1 | Discover
  • 2 | Design
  • 3 | Implement
  • 4 | Maintain

Laying the Groundwork for Success

At Canpango, we kick off every project with tailored discovery sessions. During these sessions, your consulting team will dig deep to understand your specific business needs, map business processes, nail down goals and future success metrics, define and document requirements and create a timeline for project completion. Discovery timing and duration is set based on the each project’s anticipated scope to ensure you’re not stuck in unnecessary meetings.

Key Discovery Considerations:

  • Who will serve as your consulting team’s primary contact and/or decision maker?
  • Who needs to be included on your internal project team to ensure your new solution or processes meet your needs?
  • How will you manage the upcoming changes for affected team members?


Once we’ve completed discovery, your consulting team will work directly with your key stakeholders to evaluate and select the right tools and technologies for the job. After each piece of the puzzle is identified, we’ll build your unique solution, guided by the challenges, goals and success metrics we identified together during discovery.

Key Design Considerations:

  • Do you have proprietary tools, legacy software or industry regulations that your solution needs to be built around?
  • What executive sign-off will be needed during design checkpoints?
  • What ancillary team members should be included throughout design to ensure end users are on board with the solution direction?


After extensive design, testing and end user training, we’ll turn your new solution over to your team, complete with all of the tools and knowledge needed to drive significant, measurable results.

Key Implementation Considerations:

  • How much end user training does your team typically require for new solutions?
  • How will you collect end user feedback post-launch?
  • Beyond training, how will your internal project team help maximize user adoption?


Whether we go into your project with a multi-phase approach or come across additional needs after launch, keep your Canpango consultants in the loop so we can help work out kinks and continue to adapt your solution to meet your evolving needs. We’re happy to help with ongoing training or administrative services to ensure your users stay educated and your solution stays relevant.

Key Maintenance Considerations:

  • How will you plan/budget for small iterations to your new solution as needed?
  • Would it be helpful for your internal project team to schedule regular check-ins with your consulting partner post-launch? If so, how often?